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September 9, 2001


While closing service in prayer on September 9, 2001 , the Holy Spirit stopped me and gave me a vision that I explained to the congregation. I saw in the spirit two long vertical columns that were standing side by side, and they were absolutely black and made of smoke.

These smoke columns took the shape of structures as the columns had 90 degree angles. They appeared to be sky scrapers that were unusually tall. The buildings made of black smoke ascended to the jet stream where the smoke took an unusual 90 degree horizontal turn to the North. The smoke traveled in this manner for a good distance.

The Holy Spirit said that the smoke represented the coming change and the angle of its change of direction represents the abruptness of the change that was going to take place.

Two days later the buildings that fell were replicas of what I saw two days earlier.

May 27, 2007


During the church worship service on May 27, 2007, the Holy Spirit stated that the Immigration Bill of 2007 that was being pushed by major political forces was going to be stopped by HIM.

God showed me a door that when shut would indicate that the bill had passed. Just when the door was about to close a Divine foot was put into the bottom of the door stopping it from closing.


The Divine Foot was being inserted from the opposite side of the earth's inhabitants. Apparently the legislation was a plan of man trying to shut God and His Will out.




January 18, 2009



During the church worship service I obtained a Word from the Holy Spirit concerning the Entertainment and Sports Industries. It included the Entertainment Industry as it has infiltrated the worship services in churches.

The Word was that God is taking the "stage" out of His church and replacing it with Altars again. Also, there was coming a change in Order in the Sports and Entertainment Industry.

Beginning in that January many Hollywood "stars" died including Michael Jackson and sports figures were re-defined and re-aligned, including Tiger Woods.

God is also putting a spiritual division between churches with platforms/stages and churches with Altars.


JUNE 13, 2010




During Sunday morning worship I received a vision from the Holy Spirit. In the vision I saw a Hand coming from distant black space. The Hand's pointing finger extended and it stopped when the Hand and its pointing finger came short of touching a blue ball covered with patchy white clouds hanging in space, or earth.


A laser beam proceeded from the pointing finger to an exact location, person, or event on earth. The Holy Spirit did not indicate which thing He was pointing to, so I assume it was all three. Whatever it is, it has God's full attention.

The Hand went from a pointing posture to a pure white palm out position, with the palm facing earth. The Palm then proceeded to rotate around the earth from east to west.

The Hand suddenly stopped circling the earth and held its position palm out facing the earth. The Hand then started to drip water.

The Palm is indicating a few things.

1. Palm out indicates witness. The Palm circled the earth showing the inhabitants that He is the Landlord of the earth. He circled the Globe a few times to announce that fact to the whole earth.

2. The white Palm indicates judgment. The Holy Spirit says that I am here to pronounce a verdict upon the enemy that wants to attack what is mine.

3. The white Palm indicates righteousness and God will provide a way of escape globally to a worldwide judgment.

4. The dripping water off the Hand was revealed to me as the Waters of Noah. The Hand was freshly dripping Noah's waters that separate him from the world and its system.


God is calling His people into His Presence to be preserved as Noah's waters were released from the first heaven and below the earth.



MAY 2011




Many people in 2011 are seeing 111 on clocks, signs, and dreams. It happened so many time to me that I pursued God about the number 111. What the Holy Spirit revealed to me in prayer is 111 represents the full witness of something.


The number 1 is the Biblical number of commencement. The number 1 and the second 1 is the second witness of something presented or spoken. In this case, One One looks like eleven which has the Biblical meaning of confusion. but in this 111 context the second witness of the number 1 added to the commencing 1 is not presented as the number eleven.

Since God's Word says that everything is established by two or three witnesses, the third 1 indicates that something is established upon the earth.

That means that 111 indicates full manifestation or establishment on the earth. God is indicating that something major is about transpire or be established.

2011 is a year to establish things that have been commenced. Since three witnesses are needed to establish something on earth, 111 means, what I started I will finish.

Those that are seeing 111 on earth are receiving communication from heaven that is saying that God wants to finish what He commenced in their lives.

111 is attached to 2011 and beyond for the purpose of accomplishing the father's purposes on earth.

August 5, 2016




During my personal prayer time the Holy Spirit released a Word to me that indicated that "A Sound was Coming". I did not know what that related to so I pursued God further as to what "The Sound" was.

The Holy Spirit proceeded to show me a vision of a Wall. The Wall shimmered like the Northern Lights. It was if the Northern Lights had come down and created a Wall on earth.

The Holy Spirit said that the Wall was the Sound, and the Sound was the Wall. The purpose of the Wall and Sound was to create a stopping point that protected God's will and possessions on earth.

The Word attached to the Wall was "This Far and No Further". The Holy Spirit indicated that the Sound was a man's name, Trump.


He said that Trump is a Wall that will stop the powers of hell from producing what they want to produce on earth and he would be the next President for mainly that purpose.

President Trump is a Divine interruption in the End Times timeline.


I announced this information the next Sunday at Big God and other churches a few weeks later.

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