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Dr. Fran L Cavanaugh

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Big God Radio

Releasing The Word That Bridges Heaven and Earth

Pulling Your God Given Future Into Your Now...



Anointed Books

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The Melody of Your Miracle gives practical processes to transfer a believer’s spiritual inheritance that is reserved in heaven, and waiting to be communicated to earth.


Music was intended to be a tool of communication between the realities of Heaven and the changing circumstances of earth. Keys of the Kingdom are put into the hands of the person that has found refuge in Christ, to bring Heaven’s provision to their need.


The believer’s inheritance is waiting upon the summons of its owner.


Judah will give understanding about the Dominion that everyone in Christ possesses and is waiting to be applied to their life. This understanding reveals where Dominion came from and where it is now.


It also includes what Dominion is and how it is implemented by the believer.


As believers understand the Dominion that has been conveyed to them in Christ, they will be able to appropriate a victory that the believer already possesses in Heaven, and manifest it on earth with confidence.


That is because they will understand why and how it works. The believer will discover how to open creative doors to bring their spiritual inheritance to earth.

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Boasting In The Cross gives the believer the revelation of what Christ carried to the Cross, and what the redeemed are to do to bring the victories of Christ’s Cross to their current conditions.


It reveals what Jesus carried to the Cross and how to communicate those things to the believer’s reality on earth.

This book endeavors to put the Keys of the Kingdom into the hands of the person that has found refuge in Christ by the means of His Cross, and want to continue to use Christ’s Cross for further advancement on earth by the means of bringing Heaven’s provision to their need.


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Because of Christ, I do not release control of my life...

I take control of my life through a relationship with the Holy Spirit and His direction.
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